A tale of two legs…

Craic O'Doyle - a tale of two legs...

Francis was having a mid-life crisis and so bought himself a high performance motorbike to compensate for his receding hairline and advancing stomach.

He ignored warnings from his family and friends that it was too powerful for him and set off on his first ride to the sound of Born to be Wild playing in his earphones.

He had barely gone a mile when he fell off, injuring both his pride and his leg.

Craic O'Doyle - a tale of two legs...

Sadly the hospital could do nothing for him and told him the leg would have to be amputated.

Francis was devastated but knew he only had himself to blame so he accepted his fate.

After the operation, the surgeon approached him with an anxious, embarrassed look and said: “I’m afraid I have some bad news for you but don’t be too alarmed because we have also have some good news to compensate.

“Oh no said,” said Francis. “Give me the bad new first and get over with.”

“Well,” said the surgeon, “we’ve amputated the wrong leg.”

“Holy Mother of God!” cried Francis. “What good news can compensate for that?”

“Well,” said the surgeon. “Your other leg is getting better.”

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