Brian smitten by a woman whose beauty is literally eye-catching

Brian becomes smitten with a beautiful dinner companion at a hotel

Brian was sitting down to dinner in a hotel when he saw an attractive young woman on the next table.

Suddenly she sneezed and a glass eye came out of her eye socket and landed in his lap. She jumped up immediately to apologise and she was clearly mortified with embarrassment.

Brian told her not to worry and then tried to not watch or show how uncomfortable he felt as she popped the eye back in.

Brian becomes smitten with a beautiful dinner companion at a hotel

After she calmed down, she offered to buy him dinner to make up for disturbing him. He told her that wasn’t necessary but she insisted.

They ended up having a wonderful evening. It turned out they had lots in common and the conversation flowed easily. The woman was beautiful and witty and Brian was smitten.

“Tell me,” he said. “Are you this charming with every man you meet?”

“Oh no. You just happened to catch my eye.”

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