Can Kathleen’s saucy beauty turn her tomatoes red?

Kathleen was the most beautiful woman in the village but she was a modest soul who liked the simple things in life. One day, she took up gardening because she wanted to get back to nature.

She did quite well but found she couldn’t get her tomatoes to ripen and turn red.

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Bealtaine Fire - magical Celtic design

Winter wonderland

Dermot in ecstasy as his wife moves in and out…no it’s not what you think!

Dermot sighed with pleasure as his wife moved gently in and out. He could hardly contain his excitement as went she back and forth…gently back and forth…in and out…over and over again, determined to get it just right.

Meanwhile, his wife’s heart was pounding…her face flushed as the tension mounted…she moaned with each gentle movement…he smiled in satisfaction.

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