Dozy Dermot makes a monkey out of the police man

Dozy Dermot was walking through Dublin when he saw a monkey sitting on the pavement. It seemed quite tame so he gave it some sweets and started talking to it.

They were getting on fine when a policeman came up and spoke angrily to Dermot: “What do think you’re doing? That monkey shouldn’t be here. Take him to the zoo.”

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Dozy Dermot’s first kiss…but romance is far from his mind

To everyone’s surprise, Dozy Dermot managed to get himself a date with a pretty girl called Jenny, who had a kind heart and gentle nature.

He took her walking by the nearby Lakes of Killarney because his friends told him that would be a romantic setting. As they sat on a rock together, looking out over the picture postcard beauty of the water and the mountains, Dermot was quiet as if he was puzzling something out.

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