How a lady of the night outwitted the country’s top lawyers

Shortly after the Easter Rising in 1916, hundreds of Irish patriots appeared in the courts on charges to do with helping the rebellion and undermining British rule. They responded by saying they were political prisoners and refused to recognise the court.

Soon the word got round that this was a good way to annoy the authorities so all kinds of criminals started doing it from burglars to embezzlers, ladies of the night…none of them had anything to do with politics.

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Making an ass of Britain’s hero, the Duke of Wellington

It is a little known fact that the Duke of Wellington, the British hero who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, was in fact Irish.

The reason this is so little known is partly because the British love him and want to keep him as their own, but also because the great Duke saw himself as British and was somewhat ashamed of his Irish birth.

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