Depressed bus driver suddenly finds everyone loves him…but why?

Brian was feeling down. He felt nobody cared about him so his friend Allan tried to cheer him up by telling him the story of a bus driver who owed thousands on his mortgage and was about to lose his home.

Allan explained how the financial pressure caused friction within the bus driver’s marriage and his wife eventually left him, making him more depressed than ever. His wife was granted custody of the two children so the driver didn’t get to see them nearly as often as he would like.

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Did you know...

Fans of Game of Thrones can soon visit some of the key filming locations in Northern Ireland, in a move that will provide a huge tourism boost for the area. Find out more.

A two-minute film from showcases Irish dancing in all its glory. It sees Cork trio Kieran Hardiman, Alan Kenefick and Ciaran Plummer performing their perfectly choreographed routine around the grounds of University College Cork. Find out more.

Female Irish warrior Grainne Ni Mhaile, or Grace O’Malley is one of the most colourful characters in Irish history. Born around 1530, she was a Pirate Queen and became a constant thorn in the side of British Queen Elizabeth I. Find out more.

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Winter wonderland

He came home drunk…but makes angry wife love him all the more

Thomas returned home blind drunk after a night out with his friends. He fell into the front door making a complete racket and his wife had to drag him upstairs, berating and scolding him and telling him she’d make him sorry the next day when he sobered up.

Those were the last words he heard before he passed out and they were first he remembered when he awoke the next morning. Suddenly, the bravado of the night before disappeared and he prepared to be in the doghouse for the rest of the day. Then he heard his wife walking upstairs and his heart sank as he prepared himself for a volley of abuse and sarcasm.

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Seamus meets a talking dog with a mysterious past…but can he be trusted?

Seamus was walking through a busy shopping centre when he saw a dog in shop window in front of sign saying: Talking Dog For Sale.

He didn’t believe a word of it but he thought he’d check it out for a laugh. He walked up and said: “So, I hear you’re a talking dog?”

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The angry wife and the boy who bought a Porsche for 1 euro

A couple were astonished when their 15-year-old son told them he’d just bought a brand new Porsche and it was parked outside on the drive.

There were sure he was kidding but they went out to look just to play along with the joke. Sure enough, there was a gleaming new sports car. “Where on earth did you get this,” they asked. “This car is worth at least 100,000 euros.”

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Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla and the Dublin Prostitute

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla decided to take a week’s holiday in Dublin to help them get away from all the paparazzi and publicity that besets them in London.

They rented a small house on the outskirts of the city as Mr and Mrs Windsor and did their best to keep a low profile. One evening Charles decided to take a walk while Camilla settled down to watch the X Factor and rub the hard skin off her heels.

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The Irish lorry driver and the Hell’s Angel bullies

A small, slightly built Irish lorry driver was having a drink alone in a bar when a five Hell’s Angels roared up, parked their motorbikes, swaggered inside and pushed him out of his chair.

They asked his name and even though he just answered Francis, they picked up on his Irish accent and started to mock. “Oh bejaybers it’s Francis, top o’ the morning to ya, where’s yer leprechaun…Oi’ll have a Guinness and some craic…, where’s fiddle, give us some diddly dee music, oh The Quiet Man, sure what a marvellous fillum…

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