Couple have an unusual use for lubricant in the bedroom

Researcher is fascinated to hear how a young couple make use of his firm’s lubricant...

A leading store commissioned some research to find out why people bought some of its bestselling lubricant.

They felt it might have something to do with sex but couldn’t be sure.

A researcher was dispatched to do a door to door survey.

Researcher is fascinated to hear how a young couple make use of his firm’s lubricant...

The first couple he asked said they used it to smooth the baby’s bottom and avoid nappy rash. Well, that’s a good reason thought the surveyor although he felt there might be more to it.

A second couple said they used it lubricate noisy hinges. A likely story thought the researcher.

A third couple said the husband used it on the inside of his thighs to avoid chafing when he went jogging. Mmm. Fair enough, thought the researcher.

A fourth couple said the wife used it so soften the hard skin of her feet…and so it went on. Every couple had their own reason for using it but no one was admitting it had anything to do with sex.

And then finally, one young woman with three young children admitted it outright. “Oh we use it every time we make love,” she said without so much as a blush.

“At last some honesty,” the researcher said himself. “Thank you for being so frank. Would you mind telling me exactly how you use it?”

“Yes, we smear it on the bedroom door handle so the kids open it to get in.”

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