Dozy Dermot makes a monkey out of the police man

Dozy Dermot makes a monkey of a local police officer...

Dozy Dermot was walking through Dublin when he saw a monkey sitting on the pavement. It seemed quite tame so he gave it some sweets and started talking to it.

They were getting on fine when a policeman came up and spoke angrily to Dermot: “What do think you’re doing? That monkey shouldn’t be here. Take him to the zoo.”

Dermot was a bit shocked by the angry tone and said he’d take the monkey there right away.

Dozy Dermot makes a monkey of a local police officer...

The next day the officer walked past the same spot and saw Dermot and the monkey together in the same spot.

“What the hell is going on?” said the officer. “I thought I told you to take that monkey to the zoo!”

“I did,” said Dermot. “And he liked it so today I’m taking him to the funfair.”

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