Einstein’s driver turns out to be a quick-witted genius himself

Einstein’s driver displays quick thinking that would do the great man proud

The great scientist Albert Einstein was on a lecture tour of America and was starting to feel the pace.

“I’m sick and tired of all these meetings,” he moaned to his driver, who had a shock of white hair and looked remarkably like the great man. “All I do is say the same old things over and over again.”

“Yes, it must be tiring,” said the driver. “I’ve sat through all your lectures waiting for you and even though I know nothing about physics and stuff, I think I could give the lecture myself. I can even do your accent.”

Einstein’s driver displays quick thinking that would do the great man proud

“Eureka,” said Einstein. “That’s a great idea. You do the lecture for me and I’ll have a rest among the audience pretending I’m your driver.

They swap clothes shortly before arriving at the venue and Einstein drives up to the door.

The driver does the lecture as planned and everything is going well until a scientist in the audience, trying to look clever, asks a particularly complex question with endless jawbreakingly long words.

The driver is thrown for a moment but then looks at the scientist with a disdainful expression and says: “That is such a simplistic question that I’m going to let my driver answer if for me.”

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