Grasping rich homeowner regrets trying to trick Dozy Dermot

Wealthy homeowner regrets taking advantage of Dozy Dermot...

Dozy Dermot was strapped for cash so he decided to approach some of the posh houses in a swanky part of Dublin to see if anyone needed any odd jobs doing.

Most people turned him away but then one man saw a chance to take advantage.

“Well, I don’t really need anything but I suppose I could let you paint the porch just to give you chance to earn enough for a few drinks. How much would you charge.?”

Wealthy homeowner regrets taking advantage of Dozy Dermot...

“I’ll do a grand job for only €50.”

The man looked impressed and set him on, but when he went back inside his wife said: “That’s a bit unfair isn’t it. Does he know the porch goes all the way around the house? It’s take him at least two days.”

“He set the price. He needs to learn about business the hard way.”

To their surprise, Dermot knocked on their door 30 minutes later saying he had given it two good coats and was finished.

“What, you can’t be,” said homeowner. “Oh yes and it looks great, but I need to correct you on one thing sir. It’s not a porch you have there, it’s a Ferrari!”

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