Kathleen has the perfect comeback when a hotel overcharges her

Kathleen outwits an overcharging hotel manager...

Kathleen and her husband Donal were driving from New York to Chicago and wanted to cover as much distance as possible before stopping for the night.

They eventually pulled into to a hotel at 11.30pm and went straight to bed as they wanted to be back on the road again by 6 the next morning.

When they were checking out, Donal was amazed to find the bill came to more than $300.

Kathleen outwits an overcharging hotel manager...

“Is there a mistake? $300 for less than seven hours in your hotel. All we did is sleep.”

“Well, that’s fairly standard for a five-star hotel,” said the manager. “We have all the best furnishings and décor…a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna…we’re here to cater for your every need.”

“But we didn’t use any of those things.”

“Well, you could have. They’re included in the price. You’re also entitled to breakfast.”

“But we haven’t got time for breakfast.”

“But you could have. We were willing to cater for you.”

Donal admitted defeat and asked Kathleen to pay while he went to get the car.

Kathleen pulled out some notes from her bag and handed it to the manager. “But madam,” he said. “There’s only $50 here.”

“That’s right,” said Kathleen. “I charged you $250 for going to bed with me.”

“But I didn’t go to bed with you.”

“But you could have. I was here and willing to cater for you.”

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