Liam Neeson causes a splash in a Dublin toilet

Has Liam Neeson had an accident in a Dublin bar?

Liam Neeson was having a quiet drink with friends in a Dublin bar. He managed to keep his back to the rest of customers so he could relax without being swamped by fans.

When he needed the toilet, he asked the barman discreetly if there were private facilities.

“Oh now Mr Neeson,” said the barman. “You get no privileges here just because you’re a Hollywood big shot. You can use the public toilets like everyone else.

Has Liam Neeson had an accident in a Dublin bar?

“But you don’t understand,” said Neeson.

“I understand only too well…but everyone’s equal here.”

Neeson could see it was no use to argue so reluctantly he had to comply.

A few minutes later, he came back with his right trouser leg wet through.

“What the hell happened to you?” asked the barman.

“The same thing that always happens in public toilets. I’m standing there doing my business and the fellah next to swings round and says. “Look, it’s Liam Neeson!”

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