Little Suzie learns more than her parents expect while helping the builders

Little Suzie learns her trade from the best builders in town...

Six-year-old Suzie’s family decided to have a large garage extension built on to their house. When the builders started work, Suzie was sent out to bring them tea and biscuits occasionally.

She soon became a favourite with the rough diamond builders who started to find ways to make her feel part of the team. They gave her little pretend jobs to do to do make her feel important, like holding a tape measure or giving her opinion on whether a wall was straight or not.

Suzie loved being part of it all and spent as much time as possible with the team.

Little Suzie learns her trade from the best builders in town...

On Friday, the foreman thanked her for her great work and even gave her a pay packet containing €10.

Her parents were delighted that the men were so kind to her and to make her feel even more grown up, her mum took her to the local bank to open an account.

The clerk chatted to her pleasantly and asked her how she earned the money. “The builders gave it to me for helping them build the garage.”

“My word,” said the clerk. “And will you be helping them build next week?”

“I will if those b***ards at the f***ing depot deliver the f***ing bricks on time.”

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