The credit card holding dog, the iphone and the bewildered salesman

An iPhone salesman is amazed by an independent credit card carrying dog...

A dog walks into an Apple store with a credit card in its mouth. The salesman rushes over to escort it off the premises when he sees a note attached to its collar saying: Please give this dog the latest iphone. He’s got a credit card and knows how to pay.

The salesman naturally thinks it’s a joke and starts laughing as he looks around to find the owner. No one seems interested and then he sees the dog go over to the iphones and put his paw on the latest model.

The salesman is intrigued. The dog looks at him and points to the credit card with his paw.

An iPhone salesman is amazed by an independent credit card carrying dog...

“Ok fellah,” said the salesman, “Let’s go ahead with the pantomime.” He takes the card and puts it in the reader. The dog then starts to punch in his pin number with his paw. To the salesman’s amazement, the payment is accepted. He can’t believe it. A dog has just bought an iphone with a credit card!

Once the phone is wrapped, the dog sets off home. The salesman is so intrigued that he decides to follow him. To his amazement, the dog hops on a bus and pays with a contactless card. While on the bus, he configures the iphone and starts browsing the net for the best dog food prices.

When it’s his stop he rings the bell, and gets off.

The salesman follows the dog to a large house. He walks up to the door and tries to nudge it open but it’s closed. For once, the dog looks flummoxed. He beats his tail on the door but there’s no answer.

Then he gets the iphone and taps in a number. The house phone rings inside and the dog starts barking. A large aggressive looking man comes to the door and shouts at the dog calling it a stupid mutt.

The salesman can’t bear to see such an amazing creature berated in that way. “What are you talking about,” he shouts to the man. “That dog isn’t stupid, it’s a genius.”

“Genius my foot,” said the man. “That’s the second time this week he’s forgotten his key.”

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